Thursday, July 11, 2013

Attorney Joseph Garza Explains Why Texas Lawyers Need to be Certified by the Texas State Bar Association

Texas state bar association refers to an agency of the judiciary that is under the directorial control of the supreme court of Texas. Its main task is to help the Texas Supreme Court in watching over all the lawyers that have been accredited to practice law in Texas. This basically means that Texas attorneys have to be licensed. Here are some of the reasons why Texas lawyers need to be certified by the Texas State Bar Association, as explained by prominent Dallas attorney Joseph Garza.

The certification enables the Texas State Bar to keep track of the certified lawyer; this implies that when the Texas lawyer has been licensed to practice law in Texas, the association will be able to monitor whether or not that particular attorney practices his or her profession in accordance with the stipulated regulations. It is imperative that the Texas lawyers offer their services to their respective clients in a professional manner because this creates a good image to the entire lawyers' fraternity.

It helps in instilling discipline and enhancing the code of conduct; the Texas State Bar enables the Texas lawyer to practice their trade according to the encoded guiding principles that govern and promote work ethics. Moral values are vital in any work setting and therefore, certification of Texas lawyers by the Texas State Bar Association is paramount since it helps in promoting moral principles. This is an important aspect of averting scandalous activities that such a lawyer might engage in since his or her license will be revoked thus making him or her unable to practice his occupation.

Certification of the Texas lawyers by the Texas state bar society facilitates the clients' acquisition of the respective lawyer. This is because the profile of each licensed lawyer is given to the specific client who is need of the lawyer to represent him or her in a particular court case. It makes it easier for the client to obtain a qualified lawyer since the client will be able to assess the credentials and ultimately choose the ideal attorney to represent him or her.

It is the substantiation that any Texas attorney can provide to demonstrate he or she is truly qualified. It is very difficult for people to believe that you are a qualified lawyer who can competitively represent a client in a lawsuit in Texas if you have not been certified by the Texas state bar association. When you have this certification however, you will be able to conceitedly proclaim that you hold a valued description of a lawyer with needed competence to represent a client in a lawsuit. 

Another reason Texas lawyers should be certified by the Texas state bar society is because the certification enables the lawyer to be admitted to represent a client in the court. When you are lawyer in Texas, you can only be allowed to represent a client in any court proceeding when you have been licensed by this particular law society. Otherwise, it would be impossible for you as a lawyer to practice your trade in Texas. And yet another reason is because it enables the certified lawyers to consult further from his or her colleagues on other issues that might be challenging to him or her in the process of discharging his or her duties.

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