Thursday, May 30, 2013

Getting Certified by the Texas State Bar Association – A Guide by Joe Garza

The Texas State Bar Association is a legal entity responsible for the discipline of all the attorneys in the state.

It also takes charge of its attorney members as it provides legal education materials and classes, runs mentoring services for its members and certifies attorneys of exceptional competence in different areas of law. It is also committed to serve and protect the interests of the public and its members from any form of injustice from their legal representatives. Membership to Texas State Bar is mandatory for one to practice law in Texas. Here are the steps on how to become certified by the Texas State Bar Association.

One must undertake a State Bar-approved course for guardianship whereupon he/she completes an affidavit which must be notarized. The lawyer must then mail his/her notarized affidavit to the MCLE department. He is then added to the database of lawyers and the certificates are thereafter mailed to him. Certification is done for the initial 2 year period consecutively thereafter one is certified for 4 years. 

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