Saturday, February 9, 2013

Asset Protection Benefits

A lot of clients contact an asset protection attorney like Joe B Garza long after the fact, after it is too late to truly maximize their protection strategy. While there are some last ditch methods that can be put into place, often these are simple, final attempts to preserve a messy estate and asset plan. The best method of approach here is foresight in knowing that your asset protection methods are in place well ahead of time, before anything bad can happen.

Protect Assets from Creditors
One primary benefit of asset protection is that when properly implemented, it will protect you from hawkish creditors. When your assets are properly veiled, they will be shielded from those who are seeking collection activity. This means that they can come after you all they want, but your assets are shielded from their grasp.

Shield Assets from Lawsuits
Another benefit of asset protection is that it can protect you from lawsuits. A common mistake made by many is that they don’t properly setup their companies. It’s not uncommon for that to lead to a dastardly error that ends up costing them some big time dollars later on; monies that could have been protected.

Preserve Wealth for Future Generations
It’s all about your legacy. What will you pass on to your loved ones? With asset protection methods in place, you can enjoy knowing that your loved ones will get the maximum payout possible after you are no longer of this earth.

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