Friday, November 1, 2013

Tax Attorney Joe B Garza Discusses Self-Financing in Entrepreneurship

The New York Times featured a story in June that described the different paths two entrepreneurs took to building their respective businesses. Roman Stanek, who had already built several successful businesses that provided him with a substantial net worth, founded a San Francisco-based data analytics company, Good Data. Stanek sought venture capital investors early in Good Data’s existence (obtaining over $50 million from them), believing that such a large upfront investment was necessary in light of his goal for Good Data to provide services to established companies with vast numbers of customers. Estimates say that Good Data now generates at least $4 million in annual revenue, but Stanek’s goal is for the company to be worth $1 billion.

While Robert Moore also started a data analytics company, he did so with the vision of working with small and mid-size businesses. Moore was content to grow his company, RJMetrics, relatively slowly. Financing from the outside (first from his pleased customers, and later from a venture capital firm) was not obtained until the business was more than three years old.

The state of each business reflects its respective founder’s choice. Each company has bright prospects, but differ considerably from each other. Good Data has about 250 employees, half of whom work in the company’s marketing department. In contrast, RJMetrics has a staff about one tenth the size. It had revenue of about $1 million in 2011, and doubled that figure in 2012. Neither Stanek nor Moore revealed their specific ownership percentages to the New York Times, but Stanek admits to holding less than a majority interest. Moore says the founders’ percentage is “atypically high” compared to similar firms and that employees and founders collectively own more than 80 percent of of RJMetrics.

The dilemma facing entrepreneurs is obvious: financing early in a company’s existence increases the potential for growth, but their equity in, and control of, the company is greatly diluted. Venture capital investors usually obtain a great deal of voting power and a considerable stake in the venture’s profits. Many venture capital investors demand that the venture capital investors have a seat(s) on the startup’s board of directors or other governing body. In addition, investors often demand a preferred dividend that is cumulative. If the startup is not successful for, say ten years, the accumulated dividends owed to investors may leave little or nothing for the founder and employees, even if the startup is worth millions at that time.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Joe B. Garza: Republicans Buck the Establishment

In June, the U.S. House of Representatives rejected a five-year, $500 billion dollar farm bill. While the federal farm bill has traditionally been a bipartisan endeavor and has addressed food stamp spending in addition to farm subsidies, it ran into problems this year and ultimately resulted in an embarrassment to the Republican leadership, which backed the bill. Many Republicans objected to the $80 billion in spending on the federal food stamp program that has exploded in size in the last five years. Many Democrats, in contrast, opposed the bill because it implemented slight cuts to the food stamp program. In addition, many members of both parties are increasingly critical of farm subsidies, viewing them as inefficient, or alternatively, as special interest welfare.

The final vote was 195-234. Most of the 62 Republicans who voted against the bill are first or second-term members (more than 45 percent of the Republicans in the House are freshmen or sophomores). The willingness of junior Republican House members to defy their party’s leadership on the farm bill is enough to raise eyebrows, but it may be a precursor to an even bigger spat in the near future.

After the August recess, the House will take up the immigration bill the Senate passed earlier this year. The Republican establishment is hopeful that an immigration reform bill can pass, which it believes would help the party’s prospects with Hispanic voters. Opposition to the bill, however, runs high in many Republican districts. Because of gerrymandering and incumbent advantages, many Republican congressmen are elected from conservative districts. Citizens in these districts do not see eye to eye with the Republican leadership on a variety of issues, including immigration. The willingness of the junior Republicans to defy their leadership suggests that they are more concerned about a primary challenge than a general election challenge in 2014.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Chevron Remains Tenacious Amid Legal Struggle

An interesting post in last month's Wall Street Journal went inside Chevron's reaction to a perceivedly unfair decision by the court. The court decision was the result of a case involving Texaco, who was reportedly responsible for considerable environmental damage in Ecuador. Texaco has since been purchased by Chevron, and plaintiffs are attempting to bring the case against the purchasing entity and into the United States; plaintiffs in the case enjoyed a temporary victory against the energy titan in Ecuadorean court to the tune of $18 billion.

The extensive litigation has been kept at bay by Chevron's legal team since the decision in Ecuador, with Chevron making attempts at overcoming the legal notion that international court decisions should be honored in American courts as long as there are no signs of abuse or fraud. And while contest from large corporations against foreign judgment is common, the case with Chevron is exceptional in the way that it has responded to the plaintiffs. Particularly, an arbitration filing by Chevron under a treaty between the two countries allowed it special discovery of documents that were owned by plaintiffs. According to Chevron, the documents contain evidence of collusion between the presiding court in Ecuador, as well as he plaintiffs; plaintiffs, their counsel, Patton Boggs (the law firm) and even the expert witnesses were subsequently sued by Chevron under the RICO (Federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) Act.

Fortunately, Chevron's resistance to the litigation has paid off in some ways: the plaintiffs' expert witnesses and even a judge presiding over the case have agreed that some of Chevron's defense is valid. Nevertheless, Chevron can't escape the Patton Boggs litigation, especially as the law firm continues attempts to salavage its reputation amidst the racketeering charges suggested by Chevron, and even a contingency fee required by the Ecuadorean courts that could ultimately cost the firm well over $400 million.

Some estimates hold that Chevron has utilized more than two thousand lawyers in this specific case, and no doubt amassed an enormous legal bill. Still, the oil giant's tenacity amidst harsh judgment in Ecuador could possibly protect it in the future by discouraging litigious parties from taking Chevron to court.

Other instances of international courts having a cow over judgment.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Texas Lawyers Like Joe B Garza and The Texas State Bar Association The Importance of This Duo

Being a lawyer in Texas like Joe B Garza means that you are one of the top earning cliques in the State, and irrespective of the area of specialization, you will be earning pretty much out of your career. Nonetheless, rising to the top in this career is not always as simple as it sounds. It needs some dedication as well as being a member at Texas Lawyers and the Texas State Bar Association.

As it has become evident, being a member at Texas Lawyers and the Texas State Bar Association is very beneficial to the lawyers and attorneys especially during their entry into this top-profile career. To start with, after becoming a member at these organization bars, one gets an opportunity to make presentations in court under the name of the bar. With such a provision, even the lawyers and attorneys making new entry into courts get an opportunity to learn and advance their skills.

Secondly, Texas Lawyers and the Texas State Bar Association paves way for other benefits which are vital in one's day to day life. For instance, one can get a wide range of insurance covers as well as pension schemes if he or she is a recognized member of these Texas Bars and organizations. If one is not under such organizations, getting such policies may be more expensive and they may as well have no feature in pension schemes program after they retire from their jobs.

Thirdly, legal professionals such as Texas Lawyer Joe B Garza and the Texas State Bar Association give members an opportunity to interact and give back to the community. This is majorly facilitated by workshops which bring together students or general public and the lawyers of the Texas Bar organization. Through such interactions, the lawyers get an opportunity through which they can become well known and get more referrals from people who have interacted with them during the workshop programs.

The organization bar also strives to make its members become competent in this career and people who add great value to the lives of the people that they serve. To facilitate this, the bars often organize learning and sharing seminars where the members get to exchange ideas related to the law. Guest speakers who have many years of experience in law are also invited to share what they have learnt over the years with the lawyers and attorneys making new entry into this field.

However, becoming a member at Texas Lawyers and the Texas State Bar Association may require spending a little during registration (read the guide by Texas Lawyer Joe B Garza on Getting certified by the TBA.rog) In most cases, a greater part of the registration fee that is charged during the registration process is used to suffice the cost involved in the e registration process at the high court. Just as one would expect, every member at Texas Lawyers and the Texas State Bar Association needs to be a certified lawyer in the State and therefore such registration and filing at the high court is inevitable. All in all, the organization bar makes the registration process at the high court very easy since the members are eased the burden of going to the assessment individually.

Attorney Joseph Garza Explains Why Texas Lawyers Need to be Certified by the Texas State Bar Association

Texas state bar association refers to an agency of the judiciary that is under the directorial control of the supreme court of Texas. Its main task is to help the Texas Supreme Court in watching over all the lawyers that have been accredited to practice law in Texas. This basically means that Texas attorneys have to be licensed. Here are some of the reasons why Texas lawyers need to be certified by the Texas State Bar Association, as explained by prominent Dallas attorney Joseph Garza.

The certification enables the Texas State Bar to keep track of the certified lawyer; this implies that when the Texas lawyer has been licensed to practice law in Texas, the association will be able to monitor whether or not that particular attorney practices his or her profession in accordance with the stipulated regulations. It is imperative that the Texas lawyers offer their services to their respective clients in a professional manner because this creates a good image to the entire lawyers' fraternity.

It helps in instilling discipline and enhancing the code of conduct; the Texas State Bar enables the Texas lawyer to practice their trade according to the encoded guiding principles that govern and promote work ethics. Moral values are vital in any work setting and therefore, certification of Texas lawyers by the Texas State Bar Association is paramount since it helps in promoting moral principles. This is an important aspect of averting scandalous activities that such a lawyer might engage in since his or her license will be revoked thus making him or her unable to practice his occupation.

Certification of the Texas lawyers by the Texas state bar society facilitates the clients' acquisition of the respective lawyer. This is because the profile of each licensed lawyer is given to the specific client who is need of the lawyer to represent him or her in a particular court case. It makes it easier for the client to obtain a qualified lawyer since the client will be able to assess the credentials and ultimately choose the ideal attorney to represent him or her.

It is the substantiation that any Texas attorney can provide to demonstrate he or she is truly qualified. It is very difficult for people to believe that you are a qualified lawyer who can competitively represent a client in a lawsuit in Texas if you have not been certified by the Texas state bar association. When you have this certification however, you will be able to conceitedly proclaim that you hold a valued description of a lawyer with needed competence to represent a client in a lawsuit. 

Another reason Texas lawyers should be certified by the Texas state bar society is because the certification enables the lawyer to be admitted to represent a client in the court. When you are lawyer in Texas, you can only be allowed to represent a client in any court proceeding when you have been licensed by this particular law society. Otherwise, it would be impossible for you as a lawyer to practice your trade in Texas. And yet another reason is because it enables the certified lawyers to consult further from his or her colleagues on other issues that might be challenging to him or her in the process of discharging his or her duties.

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Lawyer Joseph B Garza, Texas Attorney, Offers Tips on How to Become an Attorney in Dallas Certified by the Texas State Bar Association

Dallas Texas is a great and ideal state with an exceptional set of laws. Attorneys in Dallas are obliged to meet specified requirements to make certain that they are certified and authorized to practice in Texas Dallas. Dallas has varied legal groups and corporations which practice scores of distinct spheres of the law over and above regions of Texas Dallas.
Certification is an intended program for the attorneys and paralegals living in Texas Dallas. Primary certification is applicable for a period of 5 years. To continue being certified, an attorney is required to submit an application for recertification in the entire 5 years and meet adequate participation, colleague appraisals and ongoing legal education requirements for the area of expertise.

Must-have guidelines to becoming a certified Texas State Bar Association attorney:
• Been certified to provide legal services for the last 5 years.
• Dedicated to an area of expertise for the last 3 years.
• Dealt with a couple of issues in the legal fields to establish skill and participation.
• Attended ongoing seminar training frequently to keep the legal teaching current.
• Been rated by fellow attorneys or judges.
• Qualified in frequent written examinations.
• Have at any rate five years of familiarity as an attorney preferably 3 years in Dallas.
• Must be working under direction of a certified attorney conducting business in Dallas.
• Have at any rate half of the attorney roles focused in areas of expertise.
On top of the above mentioned tips, an attorney is required to achieve one of the following:
• NALA qualifications or
• Baccalaureate or higher degree, or
• ABA certified paralegal plan, or
• Paralegal Programs comprising of not less than sixty semester credit hours where eighteen hours are compulsory legal units, or
• Paralegal Programs comprising of not less than eighteen semester credit hours where eighteen hours are compulsory legal units on top of not less than forty five semester credit hours of general college common units, or
• Two extra years of authentic paralegal experience in the direction of a certified attorney, or
• Passed evaluation examinations set by the legal association.

At the end of the day, in order for you to become an attorney in Dallas certified by the Texas State Bar Association like Lawyer Joseph B Garza, you are required to be screened to make certain that you are competent enough to provide skillful and valuable legal services to the public.

All Dallas Attorneys must have a law degree from an accredited institution accepted by the Texas Board of Law Examiners and Texas State Bar Association. A potential attorney is required to successfully qualify a background assessment test that will officially state that he or she is of noble moral character and is suitable to practice law. Prospective attorneys are obliged to qualify both the Texas State Bar Association Examination in addition to the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE). Every attorney is required to register with the Texas State Bar Association and pay the set fee to become certified. This is a process that ascertains that all the attorneys seeking to practice law in Texas are competent enough to serve the members of the public.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Joe B Garza Lawyer Offers Tips on How to Get Certification from the Texas State Bar Association

Lawyers are supposed to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to represent clients in all legal areas. The state of Texas has seen a significant rise in lawyers and attorneys in the recent past. In order to become a lawyer in this great state, one of the requirements is to have a minimum of 7 years study in law. This should also be followed by completing the entire state bar examinations. Attaining these qualifications will ensure that all the practicing lawyers in Texas have the right knowledge to represent clients in legal proceedings. Hopefully the helpful tips offered her by Joe B Garza lawyer can help you better prepare for how to get certification from the Texas State Bar Association.

How to become certified by the Texas state bar association involves a lot of dedication. It all starts by pursuing an undergraduate degree. It is fundamental to complete a bachelor's degree program because this is the basis of law. In all likelihood, pursuing a major that can enhance the communication, research and analysis skills will help a lot. Students have the option of choosing a particular undergraduate degree that has focus on their preferred area of law. Apart from communication, other courses that are relevant and helpful to pre-law students include philosophy, history, public speaking, and English.

A law school admission test is also fundamental. It is mandatory for all students to complete the LSAT because it acts as an aptitude that will determine whether the student is fit for legal studies. The scores from this aptitude will be used when applying to law schools to get an undergraduate program degree. Law school is one of the critical stages that will shape the career of the student. Gaining an admission to the law schools is one of the toughest stages in this career. 

After completing the law school, the next possible step is to apply to the state bar of Texas. This body licenses all the practicing lawyers in Texas. It is a clear indication that all the licensed attorneys in this state ought to be members of the state bar of Texas. All the interested applicants must follow the legal procedure including taking a Texas bar examination to ascertain their qualifications. If you undertake an examination and pass but you do not join the bar as a licensed lawyer, the scores and results will be nullified. 

How to become certified by the Texas state bar association is a process that involves a lot of examination. For instance, aspiring lawyers must also pass the multistage professional examination. It is one of the legal requirements of the state of Texas. This is considered as a fundamental examination because it determines one's judicial conduct and knowledge of professionalism in law.

The Texas state bar association also needs all licensed attorneys to have a good moral background. This is done by conducting a background examination while the license is being processed. After going through all these steps, the final procedure involves applying for the Texas state law license. This can only be done by students who have already met all the examination requirements. If all the procedures and steps are adhered to, it is easier to become a lawyer in Texas.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Getting Certified by the Texas State Bar Association – A Guide by Joe Garza

The Texas State Bar Association is a legal entity responsible for the discipline of all the attorneys in the state.

It also takes charge of its attorney members as it provides legal education materials and classes, runs mentoring services for its members and certifies attorneys of exceptional competence in different areas of law. It is also committed to serve and protect the interests of the public and its members from any form of injustice from their legal representatives. Membership to Texas State Bar is mandatory for one to practice law in Texas. Here are the steps on how to become certified by the Texas State Bar Association.

One must undertake a State Bar-approved course for guardianship whereupon he/she completes an affidavit which must be notarized. The lawyer must then mail his/her notarized affidavit to the MCLE department. He is then added to the database of lawyers and the certificates are thereafter mailed to him. Certification is done for the initial 2 year period consecutively thereafter one is certified for 4 years. 

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